Rosen Rashkov

Rosen Rashkov is a professional management & communication skills trainer. He is an International Coaching Federation certified coach since April 2016.

At the organizational level, Rosen works through design and delivery of team coaching and tailor-made management trainings with an integrated coaching approach, and since 2017 thousands of participants from companies such as Raiffeisen, Yazaki, BY FAR, Neoperl, Kaufland, Endava among others, have participated in his training and team-coaching programs.

As a professional coach, Rosen supports the development of leaders and teams in the organization at different levels: From planning the steps for professional growth to taking full responsibility for their implementation – both by acquiring new skills and knowledge and by working on the attitudes and behaviours with which leaders sometimes stands in their own way.

Rosen’s hobby is also related to his passion for development – an impressive personal library with over 1,200 professional titles in English, Bulgarian and Russian. Using both classical approaches and the latest research in the world of management, psychology, and emotional intelligence, Rosen could create individual solutions for the clients in order to achieve results that matter.

A tireless researcher, so far Rosen has developed over 15 of his own (or co-authored) coaching tools, models, and techniques.

Rosen believes that the success of the organization is the sum of the results of its people. He believes that when we increase the personal skill level of managers by building on new learnings through the value of their experience, we create opportunities for higher results NOW and in the long run.

And our purpose is:

  • to develop key management competencies, in ready-to-use form;
  • to provide information, techniques, and tools to effectively deal with the daily challenges in their respective company;
  • to facilitate sharing of experience throughout the training;
  • to enable setting individual goals into a tailored plan for the development of the manager.

Rosen could provide webinars, workshops, trainings, personal & team coaching, keynotes online and on-site on the following topics:

  • Leadership roles and styles;
  • Responsibility and accountability for leaders;
  • Blind spots and decision making;
  • Change management;
  • Delegation challenges;
  • Results-oriented communication;
  • Effective meetings – virtual and on-site;
  • Performance management skills;
  • Motivation for leaders and teams;
  • Building the team – virtual and/or co-located;
  • Transforming the conflicts;
  • Emotional management and others.

Rosen believes that there is no one-size-fits-all training solution and is willing to partner with your company in creating unique training solutions.