Our Team

Our team has the competencies and capacity to prepare both types of solutions – for personal healthy living and work-life balance, and also comprehensive programs for corporate well-being. We have an integrative approach, as we believe that through comprehensive examination and analysis we can better understand where and what shortcomings we have – to compensate for them and live even more completely, balanced and harmoniously.

Our team welcomes everyone who wants and who contribute to the idea of ​​Wellness Masters Hub to be a better reality and this reality to happen over time – in addition to the founders ourselves, also the experts, the customers, the partners, and last, but not least – our friends. Who are they? Let’s see them!

The founders
We are convinced that you still feel the love with which the Wellness Masters Hub platform was invented and created. We believe that you will like it and you will feel comfortable and cozy with us…

And who are we?
We are co-founders: Milena Atanassova and Galina Georgieva

Our experts
In addition to best practices, here you have the opportunity to meet the best wellness experts working for personal and organizational wellness in all aspects – material, mental and social.  

Our partners
Wellness Masters Hub is a current and potential strategic partner of all companies and specialists working in the field of healthy living and well-being and offering efficient systems for individual and group counseling. The idea of ​​the platform is to be a fertile “ground” for the development of more and better professionals and practices in the field of wellness, whether people together or separately – individuals, families, teams in organizations, entire organizations or other types of communities.  

Our friends
Everyone who have worked with us and is satisfied with the joint work, everyone who is our friend or fan and would be happy to recommend us, can do it.