Our services and products

The Wellness Masters Hub team provides you with the following services:

– Wellness audit – Including regular measurements of motivation, employee engagement and commitment, satisfaction and productivity;

– Business consulting in terms of internal corporate communication – key factor for motivation, commitment and employee satisfaction;

– Comprehensive strategies and programs for corporate wellness – including activities, practices, initiatives and trainings in the various areas of corporate wellness which we work in;

– Corporate employee assistance programs for individual support of employees in dealing with their work and work/life balance;

– Individual or group trainings, trainings and seminars – online, offline or blended training and development programs;

– Training programs in the various areas in which we work – online, offline or blended group training and development programs;

  • Certification courses for managerial skills – goal setting/ implementation;
  • Personal attitude and individual care for the employees – preparation of employee profiles and monitoring of their health as additional supporting information to that of the annual preventive medical examinations – measurements for biometric data, stress tests and neuroplasticity /neuro-agility/ tests plus analysis, wellness questionnaires, etc. . depending on the needs.
  • The methods we use in the development of our products are diverse, among them are: K-Power goal setting method; Neurographica art therapy and esthetic coaching as a method for achieving the set goals; Tests, analyzes and practices for neuroplasticity and neuro-agility (NAP) as a means of improving brain activity; Positive psychotherapy as a method for better adaptation, socialization and integration in any environment; Australian bush flower essences as a companion in many of the processes; various communication practices and games for adults.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Medical Center “Quality Life” we also offer the study “Dark Field Blood Analysis” – for a comprehensive analysis of your health on the basis of only one drop of blood;

We also offer courses and practices in ergonomics and biomechanics in offices.