Milena Atanassova

Milena Atanassova is founder and CEO of Wellness Masters Hub.

She holds M.S. in Philology and M.S. in Psychology.

She has been working and specialized in the field of interpersonal and organizational (Internal and Public) communications for 20 years.

She believes that the successful relationship between people and organizations is her “fifth element” – not only through education, but also as  vocation.

Her theory and long-term practice, based on constant communication with different people and organizations, prove her that on the bottom of each and every problem (whether personal or group) lies the lack of adequate communication. That’s why she cares that everyone is properly understood by working with clients and actively teaching in several areas:

– Personal, public and corporate communication;

– Employer branding;

– Organizational (corporate) culture;

– Soft skills (on the principles of adaptation, integration, ethics, motivation, leadership, teamwork, critical and analytical thinking, positive approach, resilience, sustainability, time management, stress management, conflict management, change management, resistance management, creative thinking etc.);

– Protocol and etiquette;

– Personal development and wellness;

– Organizational development and wellness;

– Leadership

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