Evgeni Mitev

Evgeni Mitev is business consultant and trainer with extensive experience in organizing and conducting trainings for leadership and management

He holds a MA degree in Philosophy from Sofia Universityas well as PhD thesis in stylistics of advertising communication and marketing. Since
2015 he is involved in NGO sector and socially responsible causes and founded Synergia Foundation with mission to support people with
visual impairments.

Evgeni specialized leadership program for social entrepreneurship in Vienna as a fellow of Ashoka network and after that a variety of initiatives and projects have been implemented, including exclusive events “dinner in the dark”, blindfolded and tactile city tours “SightFeeling” as well as business trainings for resilience and motivation. He is the founder of the storytelling platform “Storytelling.bg”, offering consultations, events,
lectures and training courses that include the art of storytelling and its application in personal and professional life.

Seminars / workshops / trainings / games, etc. interactive group activities online and offline:

  • Outdoor format “Street wisdom”: an affordable method for solving problems, finding answers and drawing inspiration from the everyday urban environment through an intuitive and mindfulness walk around the city.
  • Outdoor format “WALKABOUT”: A new approach for conducting business meetings “walkshop”, which provokes cohesion between the movement of the body and the movement of thought andintegrates traditional management practices as MBWA – Management by Wandering Around.
  • Indoor format “Office wisdom”: Application of the format “Street wisdom” in the conditions of office spaces and comprehension of the small details that surround us in the context of business competencies such as – ability to formulate good questions, skills for noticing, differentiation of internal roles modeled by Walt Disney and many
  • Indoor format “In the dark”: Conducting a group training process for team building and resilience, improving communication skills in the context of complete darkness and uncertainty.
  • Hybrid format (indoor / outdoor) “Business
    storytelling”: Developing skills for working with
    stories (WHAT) and their representation (HOW),
    skills for improvisation “from scratch”, application of
    theatrical-game approaches for development of
    spontaneity and intelligent emotions.