Elisaveta Shiderska


Elisaveta Shiderska is a physical training coach and a teacher of healthy habits.

She is certified specialist in fitness training, personal trainer, nutrition expert, corrective gymnastics, biohacking, sports in the third age and sports journalist.

He graduated from MGU “St. Ivan Rilski” in Sofia in Geo-Ecological Engineering. She also holds diplomas from the Bio Fit Sports College – Sofia (specialty: Physical Training, Biohacking) and ANEF – Barcelona, Spain – Personal trainer, Certified Sports Teacher at the Municipality of Madrid and teacher of healthy habits of the elderly.

In recent years, she specializes in teaching corrective gymnastics and healthy habits to people over 50, but another of her well-developed specialties (due to the fact that she is a mother of two children) is the physical culture, training and sports in the family as well as related topics – postpartum recovery and motor culture in adolescents.

Elisaveta Shiderska lives and work for over 15 years in Madrid, Spain where she also works as a correspondent for the Bulgarian National Radio, as a natural continuation of her career as a sports journalist in Bulgaria in the radio channels GONG and SPORT, TV DIEMA, EUROSPORT, newspaper “7 Days Sport” , “ Tema Sport ”,“ Gracia ”magazine, and Eurobasket 2007.

Elisaveta is also a physical training coach at the football school, a branch of Real Madrid – ACD Canillas. For years, the main lemma in her work has been “Strengthening health instead of running away from disease.”

Seminars / workshops / trainings / games, etc. interactive group activities online:

  • Active longevity – the more the years go by, the more active we should be with training;
  • Biological versus chronological age – is it possible to delay the first despite the consistency of the second?
  • Fundamental movements as an exercise – what is it, how to perform them properly, what each of them is used for and how to best contribute to our health.
  • Do you live consciously? – mindfulness in terms of physical activity and health in general: breathing, relaxing practices, sleep, recovery, biohacking.
  • Specifics of physical activity after 50 – Pilates, yoga, corrective gymnastics, health-promoting habits.
  • Physical culture at home – social gymnastics, supportive gymnastics, restorative movement, games for the brain and body, physical culture and creating healthy habits.
  • Motor culture and strengthening of psychomotor qualities in children and adolescents.
  • Recovery after birth.