Elena Genova

Elena Genova is the Operations coordinator at Wellness Masters Hub.

She has been working for 20 years in the financial sector and more specifically in the field of lending and banking. Elena started her career with sales of financial products, at a later stage she grew up to be an office manager. Since 2007 she has been entering the banking sector, where she is developing her customer service skills.

It is the corporate environment that encourages Elena to seek a balance between work and personal life. She believes that in order to achieve this balance, it is necessary for employers to focus on the personal well-being of their employees, as well as for everyone to realize the need for change and begin to accept it.

Apart from her work commitments, Elena is involved in various charitable or social projects related to children, disadvantaged people, human rights, ecology and improving the living environment. Elena joins the Wellness Masters Hub team because she sees an opportunity to help people achieve personal well-being and corporate well-being through an organization that can accurately identify individual needs by providing adequate, unusual, yet workable solutions.