Anna Grozdanova

Anna Grozdanova is a certified practitioner for holistic methods which help us to stay healthy and deal with stress, have more peace and joy in everyday life – Wim Hof and EFT.

Currently, Anna is the engaged almost with the organization of practical seminars on the method of the Ice Man – Wim Hof. She is also organizer of retreats to her favorite island of Bali, and special events from the global format Fuckup Nights in Bulgaria.

Anna graduated Hospitality and Tourism in Cyprus in 2005 and then returned to Bulgaria to become the basis of some of the most successful restaurants in Sofia and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In 2010, after a burnout, her life took a very different direction – she started looking for techniques and ways to deal with stress, finding inner peace and harmony.

Since 2010, she has worked with numerous professionals in the field of personal development and the path and demand lead her to the Wim Hof method and the EFT technique.

Wim Hof method involves specific breathing techniques, exposure to cold and mental attitude with numerous benefits for our emotional, mental and physical health.