Ani Hira

Ani Hira is a business consultant in human development.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, Dale Carnegie Trainer and participant in their development programs.

Ani is also a volunteer and mentor in programs of:
ABLE Mentor, Pitch Bootcamp, 9 Academy, Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology, EMPROVE.

Ani believes in the power of human potential and from her 20 years of experience knows that success is the result of the development of individual strengths and the full realization and development of personal talents that lead to building a successful team and organization.

She works to build a Human2Human work model and focuses on creating an environment that supports both business development and personal
development. She founded HUGAH BG EOOD in 2018. Until then, her career has developed at HP, where she has gained experience in how to use and create processes related to people management, goal setting, performance management, employee and customer satisfaction, building a successful service culture, and the opportunity for professional and personal