Values and principles

Values The highest value for us is human well-being at all levels – at the level of the individual (personal well-being) and at the level of the group (corporate wellness). Equally important for us is the pursuit of inner satisfaction and happiness. Happiness is a category that everyone can define for themselves and is strictly individual for everyone.
Principles We respect and protect the fundamental human rights and freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; * We are guided by the general moral principles, due to which all communities in the history of mankind have successfully existed, namely: – Personal freedom (independence and authenticity) and personal data protection; – Unity (cooperation and support in achieving common goals); – Mutuality (reciprocity) – we speak your language so that you understand us and we are your mirror – so that you can see your progress; – Tolerance (acceptance of difference); – Understanding (attempt to assimilate another’s point of view); – Respect (even we don’t understand another’s point of view we respect it, because everyone has the right to their own judgments and actions, as long as they do not interfere with others); – Performance and execution (correctness – we keep and fulfill what we promise); – Sustainability (we upgrade and develop what we have built); – Honesty and justice – everyone deserves to know what is the current situation, how is he/she developing and should be rewarded for their efforts; – Gratitude. We are in the process of creating a “White Paper on Wellness” – a moral code from the Wellness Masters Hub, whose principles we will profess and follow both in our work and in our personal lives. We are convinced that everyone who touches our organization will also be recognized in these principles, as they are the basis of all religions and teachings for successful coexistence!